Monday, April 7, 2014

Where do I start?!

Whew... it has been a busy few weeks! My husband has been working 120hr weeks and I have been trying to get spring cleaning done and keep the kiddos happy! So I haven't been able to get this blog started but today I decided to sit down and take some time to get this show on the road!

I went with my husband on a work road trip to south Alabama, which was nice to get to spend some time with him after not seeing him for weeks, but on our trip we were able to talk about ALOT of things. One thing being the chickens!! ((Which I am SO excited about!)) This will be our first big step towards our homestead started. I found plans for a chicken coop I want him to build.....

And found some Lavender Orpington chicks that will be available in May, which will give us plenty of time to get the coop built!

We also talked about getting a goat in the next year but I need to get some research going on the care and what-not on keeping goats. I am SO excited to get started on the homestead! I am also SO thankful for such a supportive husband, he has been right there with me on getting this started, which I totally didn't expect. :)

Now for the next "area" of homesteading.... gardening. I am very well known for my "brown-thumb" so I am PRAYING that I do well with keeping a garden alive. I've been trying to decide on where to plant everything, near the house for out in the field? What plants should I start with? I was thinking some blackberry/rasberry bushes. Maybe start strawberries, tomatoes, peppers.. I have a bunch of organic seeds so I need to get these babies started soon so they will be ready in time. If anyone reading this has any tips on gardening PLEASE chime in.. I need all the help I can get ! ;)

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