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Essential Oil Remedies

Since I've started making "The Switch" to the medicine/chemical free life I have learned SOO much on how to replace my medicine cabinet! Here are some of the remedies I have learned so far..

FOR CHILDREN: If you use oils on your children ALWAYS dilute using a carrier oil. I will be posting a recipe for a Naked Salve that I use ALL of the time. You can use fractioned coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil.. whichever one you prefer!

Thank you to for sharing these remedies!

Essential Oil Remedies

1. Hiccups- Dab some Peppermint on the back of your neck, a little on each side of the spinal cord.

2. Runny Nose- Swipe a drop of Lemon down each side of the nose to dry it up. Stay out of the sun afterwards to avoid sunburn!!

3. Drowsy- Combine Peppermint and Wild Orange, apply to back of the beck, next inhale the oil left on your hands! (I do equal parts Peppermint and Wild Orange to 50% carrier oil and keep in a roller bottle. One of my favorite remedies!!)

4. Itchy/Irritated Eyes- Dab Lavender with a bit of carrier oil on the facial bones surrounding your eyes (careful to keep oil away from eyes) If applying to children, make sure they DO NOT rub their eyes until oil is absorbed.

5. Allergies- Mix equal parts Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint (natures antibiotic) Apply to bottom's of feet morning and night. Diffuse if you can! now sells the blend (LLP blend) I use this on my husband and oldest son and it clears them up almost instantly! I carry this blend in my to-go tin and when their allergies act up I mix it with some Naked Salve and apply to their feet and I put equal parts onto a Kleenex and have them inhale it every couple minutes. 

6. Ear Ache/Infection- Combine 2 drops Basil or Melaleuca with a little carrier oil and rub around the rim of ear, behind ear and just inside. Apply several times a day. Never drop essential oils into the ear!!

7. Trouble breathing- Due to congestion or asthma? Apply Respire blend on chest, then cup one hand against palm with residual Respire blend on it, creating inhaler, and suck the vapors from palm into chest for quick relief.

8. Bad breath- A drop of Peppermint on your tongue!

9. Athletes foot- Melaleuca works wonders! Apply neat to affected areas twice a day!

10. Toe fungus- Melaleuca, again! Use neat, dab affected toe with saturated q-tip applying to the surface of toenail morning and night!

11. Warts or Skin tags- Apply morning and night. If using Oregano, use q-tip to dab one drop of on affected area.. this will give you good control of application. Oregano is a hot oil so you won't want to spread it around. Skin tags should fall off in a couple of weeks!

      For Kids:  Lemon works wonderfully too! Apply morning and night and don't cover with a bandaid, it's important to let the area breath. Also, it's convenient to put the EO's in a roll-on bottle so kids can apply themselves. 

12. Cellulite- Pour a bottle of Grapefruit Oil into a 4 oz. bottle of fractioned coconut oil and rub into problem areas after shower or bath. You'll smell delicious and your skin will be so soft!

13. Diaper Rash- Mix up some "Diaper Spray" 18 oz water, 1 t. organic body wash, 4 drops Melaleuca,  4 drops Lavender. (Good as a diaper rash preventative too!) 

14. Sanitizing Wipes- Make your own!! or add Lemon and Lavender (or EO's of choice) to store bought baby wipes. Remove wipes from container, squeeze out excess moisture, and let dry out for few hours. Slowly add alcohol free Witch Hazel with 6 drops each of Lavender and Lemon added and pour over wrung out or dried out store bought wipes. 

15. Muscle Aches- 1 part Amend blend with 1 part fractionated coconut oil as a penetrating, pain relieving massage oil, add a drop of Birch or Wintergreen for extra strength.

16. Fever- A few drops of Peppermint mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the torso can drop body temp 3 degrees in minutes!

17. Burns- A drop of Lavender will immediately stop the pain and tissue damage!!

18. Heartburn- A couple drops of Peppermint in a small glass of milk or almond milk with knock heartburn out!

19. Nausea- Combine 15 drops Peppermint,  15 drops Ginger, into 1/3 oz roller bottle and top it off with fractioned coconut oil. Roll on wrists and inhale!

20. Wet cough- Mix a spoonful of honey with a drop or two of Lemon EO and drink!

Shot Glass Remedies

2TBsp- Water
3 drops- Lavender EO
3 drops- Lemon EO
3 drops- Peppermint EO

Drink 3x's daily with symptoms.

2TBsp- Water
2 drops- Peppermint EO
2 drops- Shield blend

Swish & Swallow!

Strep & Soar Throat-
2TBsp- Water
2 drops- Oregano EO
2 drops- Lemon EO

Gargle as long as you can. Spit and swallow!

Oil Pull-
1TBsp- Coconut oil
2 drops- Shield blend
2 drops- Melaleuca EO

Pull & swish 10-20 min. SPIT in trash!

Tooth Ache-
2TBsp- Water
2 drops- Shield blend
2 drops- Clove EO
1 drop- Melaleuca EO

Swish through & around teeth 10 min. SPIT!

Mouth & Gums
2TBsp- Water
2 drops- Myrrh EO
2 drops- Clove EO
1 drop- Lavender EO

Swish up to 10 min and SPIT!

Cold & Flu Bomb-
2TBsp- Water
3 drops- Oregano EO
3 drops Melaleuca EO
3 drops- Shield EO

Drink quickly every 3hrs for first 2 days, 3x's daily for 2 days after symptoms subside. Drink quick! It can be hot! Can rub coconut oil on lips if hot!

2TBsp- Water
2-3 drops- Peppermint EO

Drink quickly! Chase with almond or coconut milk.

Curb your Appetite-
2TBsp- Water
2 drops- Peppermint EO
2 drops- Grapefruit EO
2 drops- Ginger EO

Drink quickly as needed!

I've used most of these and let me tell you.. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of EO's but after using them I am now a complete believer in them! They have turned my world upside down and for the better!

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