Monday, April 7, 2014

50 hour Soy Candles!

So I will probably be posting quite a few things today.. I have a couple of things I've already made and guess this will be a "catch up" day to get this blog started.

This past week I really wanted to get something other than my diffuser going in order to make my house pretty smelling. So I went on the hunt for some DIY soy candles! I was looking for something on the easier side because, you know, between paychecks it get's a little tight, and we are one of those frugal folks. So I found a "recipe" that was PERFECT for what I was looking for!

These candles are PERFECT for those times when a big storm comes and the electricity decide's to leave us in the dark. Or for when you just want a cute, pretty smelling, candle to burn.

DIY 50 hour Soy Candles

What you will need:

-#10 can (metal coffee can) (I used an empty paint can)
-5lb bag of Soy wax (you can use tallow or beeswax) (I used this kind)
-Wicks (I used these)
-Mason Jars
-Something to hold the wicks in place (I use clothes pins, you can use square pieces of foil with a hole for the wicks, or two pencils, anything to keep those little guys in place!)
-25-50 drops of Essential oil of choice

Step 1:

Get a double broiler system going. Don't put too much water in the pot, once you put the #10 can in with wax it will rise. 

Fill your #10 can with wax.. you can put however much you want in just make sure you have enough mason jars to put it in. I used the whole 5lb bag and filled 6, 16oz mason jars. 

Be sure to stir in frequently! Don't leave hot wax alone on the stove.. if it gets too hot, it has been know to catch fire! So stay close. 

Step 2:

Once the wax has completely melted, remove it from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes.

While its cooling you can set up your mason jars!

Put a piece of newspaper down before you start setting up.. it can get a little messy when pouring the wax!

Place a wick in each jar and use something to keep them in place (I use clothes pins.. super easy)

Step 3:

Add Essential oils to jars (label if doing more than one scent) then pour wax into each jar.

You can use a funnel! It makes it much easier! 

After pouring the wax into the essential oils, stir well!

 Step 4:

Let cool!


You can add some ribbon or a decorative top to make them pretty!

These are GREAT gift ideas!

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